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- Personal training sessions @ MA sport & fitness centre, Molesworth drive, Withywood, Bristol, England, BS13 9BJ (Gym membership not included): Expect your sessions to be varied using different training techniques and methods from, weight lifting, circuits to cardio routines. These chosen methods have proven extremely effective with many of my clients achieving excellent results. Knowledge will be gained through experience of the sessions, improving your exercise form, learning new routines and how to progress with your training once you become fitter. I will motivate you to do more than you thought you could while keeping exercise more fun and interesting. No matter what your fitness level, the sessions will be worked specifically for your needs

- Access to training app (FREE): My PT Hub is an online web and mobile app, enabling personal trainers and fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customizable training and nutrition programmes, whilst tracking their progress and achievements. As a client you will be able too:

- View and record activities assigned by your trainer. This includes logging workouts, nutrition plans, uploading progress photos and updating measurements.

- Be set day to day tasks by your trainer so you know exactly what to do without supervision.

- Send unlimited messages to your trainer through messaging system.

- Fitness plans and nutritional guides.

- Your activity tracked by your PT. From what your eating daily to how your training at the gym.

- Progress monitoring: Every 6 weeks progress will be recorded. Recordings such as body weight, blood pressure, and body circumference measurements will be taken. Your fitness goals will also be set along with discussion on what we have to do for you to achieve them.

- Fitness programs: You're going to have to know your way around the gym or have a weekly plan of exercise. Fitness programs are included and tailored specifically for you. Every exercise will have a description and video of how to perform each movement, so that you will have a good understanding of what to do alone on the gym floor. 

- Personalised nutrition: Achieving your goals is not just about being in the gym, it's also done in the kitchen. Giving guidance and professional knowledge in nutrition to support you. Everyone's calorie requirements differ from individual so its important to be consuming the correct diet for specific to you. You will have to fill out a diet and training questionnaire, from this info you will have your very own calorie and macro targets calculated along with healthy meals set for your day. A calorie tracker is also included to ensure your following your targets. Nutrition includes shopping list also.

Access to client private member group (Facebook): You will meet other clients such as yourself who will be sharing their successes, struggles, results, lifestyle changes and fitness/nutrition habits. Building a community to inspire each other to achieve more!

Direct messaging to trainer (unlimited): If at anytime you need to ask your trainer about things fitness and nutrition or feel like you want some extra motivation, your trainer is only a click away.

Knowledge and teaching from a fitness pro: While you take your fitness journey you will be educated continuously along the way. Gaining much more knowledge for yourself on how you can achieve your goals.

-24/7 guidance & support: What you do when the trainer isn't about is one of the most important factors. Offering 24/7 guidance and support. If there is anything you need to know relating to fitness and nutrition, or needing some motivation, MWPT is only a call away no matter what time of the day.

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