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COVID-19 UPDATE! Online coaching only!

We are currently going through uncertainty and unusual times. From recent updates the government have closed all gyms and our only way to exercise is to keep fit outdoors or at home while keeping social distance

It will be beneficial to keep exercising for our mental and physical health during times like these and I am determined to keep my services provided for you all to do just that

I will have to make some major changes in order to do this...

Firstly, I will be reducing online coaching price to a £10 weekly subscription. Some of you will be off work and the government will pay you. However, you may have a 20% deduction in wage, so that’s why I’ve decided to drop price drastically from a £60 per month subscription

I will no longer do a monthly subscription and instead you will be able to pay for a 1 week subscription which will further make things more affordable for you all and give you more financial flexibility. Subscription can be cancelled at any time.


Sessions will be only video call until further notice. (PT packages unavailable until firther notice)

If you or myself have any symptoms of the virus then sessions will not go ahead until a 7/14 day isolation has been completed

Hope you all keep healthy and be positive!

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