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Get Fit At Home Or Outdoors


Bristol Based Mobile Personal Training Specialising in Weight Loss. Providing A Premium Service From Your Own Home Or Outdoors

Originally starting in a gym environment with over 7 years experience and expertise in the fitness industry, MWPT has transformed many peoples bodies from losing pounds, dropping dress sizes and decreasing waistlines.

For many a gym can be a daunting and intimidating place, for this reason some won't ever start their fitness journeys or will never improve their health. The gym isn't what is needed though to get exceptional fat loss results, it's getting the correct knowledge, the right lifestyle changes and a good mentality.


You may feel like your in this situation or maybe you have a very busy lifestyle and struggle to find the time to exercise, don't feel lost though because MWPT has the solution.


By leaving the gym behind me I've now expanded my reach by going mobile which will allow me to support many more people to get fit and healthy following my proven fitness methods and nutritional knowledge. With use of my mobile fitness equipment I can bring a gym to you and together we could achieve the body and health you've always desired.




Personalised home or gym based fitness plans*

Nutritional guidance

PT mobile app to record fitness activity, nutrition and progress*

Variety of fitness equipment - Battleropes, dumbbells, barbell, kettlebell, slam balls, power bags and much more

Family member or friend can join in for FREE*

Support from a fitness professional

PT sessions: 60 min/Group fitness: 45 min

*Group fitness exempt

CrossFit Equipment
Outdoor Workout
Cross Fit Class

Home Sessions

Bringing the gym to you using a variety of fitness kit and training methods. Transform your body from the comfort of your own home

Outdoor sessions

Train and get fit from anywhere. Sessions can be done at a local park, a place of work or your back garden. Wherever is convenient for you

Group Fitness

I'll come to you and provide group sessions of up to 20+ participants. Ideal for sports teams, corporate businesses and groups of friends


Lisa Weare

Over 7st bodyweight loss          10 inch waistline decrease          Dress size drop 24 to 12


"Having been overweight and unfit all my life I never thought I would have the courage to train with a personal trainer. However, on meeting Matt I discovered that I didn’t feel too self-conscious with him and I knew it was time to make a dramatic change at the age of 44.

Unbelievably I now really enjoy training. Not only am I losing the weight that I have lost before doing various diets (then always put back on again), but my body shape and fitness level is also changing. 

If he can change my life this much, he can help anyone."



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