Inspiring people to become fitter, healthier and to achieve more. MWPT is here to support you throughout your fitness journey and to give you the tools to get the results you desire. Providing an all round service expanding your fitness and nutritonal knoweldge, there is something for everyone to achieve their goals.


- Gym based 1-1 or couple training sessions

- Variety of fitness plans

- Nutrition log & guides

- Full access to training app

- Progress monitoring and monthly goal setting

- Block payment plan

- Train from anywhere across the globe


- 2x weekly live video call home/outdoor sessions

- 1x weekly 1-1 video call with trainer for progress monitoring & goal setting

- No gym needed

- Variety of fitness plans home and gym based

- Nutrition log & guides

- Full access to training app

- Weekly subscription service - Flexible payment


Workout log

Follow fitness plans and workouts designed specific to your goals. Record your sessions from what weight you lift to the reps you complete to the distance you cover on the bike. 100+ exercise videos and descriptions included

Nutrition log

Keep on track with your diet. View and input daily, your very own tailored nutrtion with set kcals/macros and meals chosen by your trainer. mass data base of food sources to be recorded

Progress photos

Optionally keep snaps throughout your fitness journey so you can see for yourself how far you have come and how much you've achieved

Update measurements

Record your progress throughout. Update your bodyweight, measurements, blood pressure and your body fat percentages



Passionate about fitness and always determined to achieve success! My aim is to motivate and support clients to accomplish their fitness goals. Many of my clients have had excellent body transformations and impressive improvements to their health and fitness levels. With 6 years experience working in the fitness industry I have the knowledge, expertise and will be able to encourage you to train to your full capability whilst getting you the results you desire.


Body transformations
Weight loss / Body fat % decrease

Muscle toning

Muscle mass growth

Fitness & health improvements

Health Condition (Exercise Referral Qualified)

I can work with clients that have moderate health conditions such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, COPD, joint replacements, simple mechanical back pain, osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure).

“Health is one of the most valuable aspects to anyone’s life. We should never take it for granted. For that reason it is highly rewarding for myself when I work with individuals and they accomplish positive changes...


Transformations to their bodies


Increased fitness levels


Improved lifestyle and nutrition habits


And most importantly positive changes to their self esteem and health

Just like many of my clients you CAN also make those changes... it all starts with your mindset and that's what we will focus on... it's time to start saying you CAN!


To me this is more than just a job, it is also a passion! With many years of fitness experience I have the knowledge and expertise that can support my clients to achieve their desired envisions. Assisting them to making their fitness dreams a reality and giving them the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Whether it is to drastically lose weight, increase muscle mass or improve their lifestyle through diet and exercise there is something for someone.

If your ready to make those changes like my clients have I look forward to hearing from you and starting this new chapter in your life together.

Many thanks to every single one of my clients that has or have made positive changes to their health and fitness. It’s a pleasure sharing this experience with you all and it is such rewarding witnessing you, becoming a better you!


Have a healthy and happy future!”



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Denise Sheppard

In the past 4 years I have managed to lose 4 stone, but always gained a bit. I asked Matt Wood if he would give me some personal training. I have to say that Matt truly has inspired me to carry on with my goal, each session we work on different areas and I have found that my whole body is toning up. In my last fitness test I lost 3 inches off of my hips in 6 weeks as well as inch loses in other areas. I am very happy with my sessions and always feel better for them. Thank you Matt, you really have helped me overcome my self-confidence issues.

Lisa Weare

✔️ 5st loss!
✔️10 inch waistline decrease!
✔️ Dress size drop 24 to 12!
✔️ Life changing results


Having been overweight and unfit all my life I never thought I would have the courage to train with a personal trainer. However, on meeting Matt I discovered that I didn’t feel too self-conscious with him and I knew it was time to make a dramatic change at the age of 44. Especially as I could tell that my general health was now suffering.

Unbelievably I now really enjoy training. Not only am I losing the weight that I have lost before doing various diets (then always put back on again), but my body shape and fitness level is also changing. For the first time I can see this being a permanent change and one that I can take even further as I am not the finished article as yet.

If he can change my life this much, he can help anyone.

Gary Weare

I am diabetic with a poor medical history and my health is now much better than it has ever been and despite being unsure originally, I now can’t imagine life without training and I use the help Matt continues to give me.

I trust his judgment & together we get results



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